You love travelling, you are an avid photographer and you love writing? That’s great because we are on the lookout for contributors!

1. Travel Stories and other experiences

Do you have some amusing, exciting or intriguing travel stories to tell? Why not sharing those unforgettable experiences with us and let our readers enjoy them? Our contributors are independent travellers who have lived the stories they tell. Our goal is to have authentic tales told on the first person.

As a contributor you do not have to restrict yourself to story telling. We are also hoping to learn with your travel advice, your suggestions, your original ideas. Tell us about your favourite places, or the things to avoid while travelling. We want to read your travel anecdotes, read about a movie that made you travel. Tell us about the food that tastes better abroad or the food you had never tasted before, about a mountain you climbed and never thought you would make it or about an encounter that touched you or taught you something new.

2. Style

We do not have limitations towards style (both prose and lists are welcome) and solely ask our contributors to remain respectful and appropriate. We value positive thinking, we like having a good laugh but also appreciate a story that makes us question our own customs.

3. Photography

Because images also tell stories, we also have a section for your travel photographies. Send us a small description with the title of the photo.

4. Payment and Credits

We give you full credit of your text and photographies and will promote you in our website, facebook, Instagram and twitter. Your text may also be selected to feature on our monthly newsletter or on our bi-annual printed magazine. Whenever a text is selected to bea part of the printed magazine, besides mentioning your credits, you will also be duly paid. You will remain the copyright holder of your material.