Where are we now?



We are currently on the road, with our motorbike (yeahhhh) in an adventure whose goal is to connect Portugal to Japan!

We started our journey in Portugal in November 2016, after spending several weeks discovering the country from North to South. After a short break in Luxembourg, we were back on the road in August 2017. It took us around two weeks to reach Odessa (Ukraine) – because we travel slowly and because we took the opportunity to visit friends on the way. 🙂

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In Odessa, we took a 3-day ferry that crossed the Black Sea and that brought us to Batumi, the new Pearl of the Black Sea (in Georgia).

In Georgia we spent two wonderful months discovering the country, its culture, gastronomy and people, which we simply loved. If you would like to see our highlights about Georgia click here. We fell in love with this country, so it didn’t take us long to decide that there would be a diariesof issue about this country.

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Where are we now? 

After getting our visa from the Iranian Embassy in Georgia (yeahhhhh!), we are driving through Armenia in order to reach Iran, our next big stop. We have received a 30-day visa but considering the size of Iran, we may have to ask for an extension! Inshallah we get one!

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From Iran, the plan is that the trip develops more or less as follows:

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