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In issue number #9 of diariesof, we will take you on a unique (time-travel) adventure to Kyrgyzstan. The issue explores the unique nomadic traditions and games that happen in summer festivals. Come with us to meet the main actors in the surprising world of Kok-Boru, horseback archery and falconry. Join us on an expedition to Lenin Peak, one of the Kyrgyz mountains that reaches the 7,000 metres of altitude. diariesof Kyrgyzstan went in search of the typical food and found that mare’s milk is still a preference amongst locals. We spent time in yurts and rode on horseback until our buttocks hurt. And we invite you to live all this and much more with our magazine about Kyrgyzstan.


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Yurt life in Song Kul

An Unparalleled Ride through the Mountains

Yes, we faced a few challenges when driving our motorbike through Kyrgyzstan: searching for a garage that sold off-road tyres, tackling with bad quality petrol or having our first puncture. Despite all this, the country is unrivalled in terms of dirt roads through the mountains….

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Unique Encounters

In the country of Nomads, it is not surprising that many of the encounters happened in the jailoos (the mountain pastures) where we met Kyrgyz that came from different walks of life. Only here you get the same chances of meeting a lawyer and a circus artist doing the same job, and both as proud of their cultural nomad heritage. Here, the chances are high that you will come across a manaschi, a falconer and a horseback archer.

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Traditional Kyrgyz Dishes

Kyrgyzstan’s cuisine is almost a mystery to the majority of the visitors. Who has found a Kyrgyz restaurant outside the country? Expect to find many tasty dishes that rely a lot on meat. You will challenge your taste-buds when trying the fermented mare’s milk (kumis) and the typical salty cheese balls (korut).

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Unforgettable Moments in Kyrgyzstan

In this video, we have put together some of the best drone shots and some of the best experiences we had while riding our motorcycle around Kyrgyzstan! In issue number #9 of diariesof magazine, we will take you on a unique (time-travel) adventure to Kyrgyzstan.

What They Say

I really liked it. Keep on doing what you do – really inspiring!

– Erich

Well written and informative, great photography.

– Conny

Lots of great photos inside and great to see a culture represented in depth.

– Dan from Dansmags

Get Inspired by Kyrgyzstan

Let yourself be charmed by the last nomads of Kyrgyzstan, their culture and the world-famous nomad games, that include horseback ‘polo’ and wrestling, the art of falconry and archery. Read this experiential diariesof issue about Kyrgyzstan and be inspired to venture out on your own journey through Kyrgyzstan. Get your copy now!

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