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There’s something special about jigsaw puzzles. For some, solving a jigsaw provides a sense of achievement. After spending some minutes or hours going through the small pieces, finding their place in the big picture, one cannot but feel good. It actually is rewarding to see the puzzle taking its final shape.

But for others, playing or solving a jigsaw is not about the end result. Yes, it feels good to complete a task, yet some see the act of working a puzzle itself as a soothing activity, and go as far as call it a kind of meditation. It is after all a repetitive action, which empties one’s head of all the worries of the daily course.

Whether you wish to attain a sense of achievement, or you wish to reach a certain peace of mind, or you just have some minutes to spare on a fun activity, try our jigsaw puzzles that, we hope, will also transport you to some of our travels.

diariesof-Japan-Magazine-CoverJapan – Yosakoi Dancer In Tokyo

This dance festival takes place in August. During two days the streets of Harajuku are filled with these dances that combine traditional movements with modern music. The colours, the movements, the music and the overall energy turn this event into a dazzling festival not to be missed!

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diariesof-Cuba-Travel-Magazine-Cover-Old-Timer-Almendrone-in-HavanaCuba – Old-Timer In Havana

Also known as the old lady of the Caribbean, Havana is still today a fascinating and lively city where the old colonial architecture together with the many old-timers will take you on a time trip to the fifties. These old-timers are known as Almendrónes because they resemble the shape of almonds.

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diariesof-Iran-Magazine-CoverIran – Tile On A Mosque In Yazd

azd is one of the three beautiful cities that together form the Golden Triangle of the Middle East. In each of them one can wander in the exotic ambiance of old bazaars, tea-houses and hammams. Iran is more than architecture and culture, be prepared for an incredible amount of friendly hospitality…

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