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Embark On A Memorable Road Trip from Portugal to Japan

Travel Inspiration

In this special edition of diariesof, we share our journey from Portugal to Japan: which land route we took, which detours we made, which papers were needed, what difficulties we had, what is special about taking ferries, why we did part of the route on the Trans-Siberian railway, and what was in our luggage. We will also share what we liked the most about each country and the beautiful encounters we had with people from all over the world.

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Feel the Freedom of a Road Trip

How to Pack a Motorcycle for Two

Packing is never an easy task, and it gets even more difficult to pack for two people to ride on one single motorcycle for a long haul journey. Especially when one of us wants to ride as lightly as possible! However, packing is not as complicated as it looks at first glance. After all these years, we’ve mastered it. Back in 2013, on our first long journey, we realised that we didn’t need half of the things we were carrying, when, after a couple of months on the road, some stuff hadn’t even been touched. On that first trip we learnt that the lighter we travel, the more comfortable it gets!

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47,000 kms and three years later, we finally arrived in Japan!

After finishing the trip, the odometer showed we had driven around 47,000 kilometres. The calendar showed three years had passed since that beautiful photo taken at the south-westernmost point in Portugal. On the way we passed through 22 different countries. In some countries, we took the chance to stay a bit longer – sometimes as long as two months. In other countries, we almost just passed through, not staying enough to get to know the country deeper, but we had to make compromises along the way in order to keep advancing…

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Mongolia, the Land of the Blue Sky and Green Prairie!

Visiting a country for the first time is the chance to verify whether our preconceived ideas about the country are true or not. For us, Mongolia was the homeland of the vast empire that was conquered by Genghis Khan. A realm that eventually collapsed to its titan neighbours, China and Russia. As we approached Mongolia, our minds were filled with images of brave horsemen, frightful warriors and nomadic tribes in the vast steppes.

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Unforgettable Moments of this Road Trip

After almost three years on the road, the collection of memorable experiences just got bigger and bigger! Watch this short collection of videos to find out which unforgettable moments a journey going East can offer.

What They Say

I really liked it. Keep on doing what you do – really inspiring!

– Erich

Well written and informative, great photography.

– Conny

Lots of great photos inside and great to see a culture represented in depth.

– Dan from Dansmags

Take another Look, it’s Azerbaijan!

Two days after experiencing an awkward episode at the Azeri border, we made it to the capital, Baku, a charming city that captivated us with its old-modern mixture and beautiful location, embracing the Caspian Sea… As we were going to stay in Baku for a while, to get some work done, we decided to have the motorcycle serviced. We didn’t know then that the motorbike dealer would need two months to get the required pieces, nor that we would manage to get the pieces in less than two days, by a stroke of luck…

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