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We are Jorge and Anabela and we have been travelling full time since 2015. Jorge was born in Luxembourg and I was born in Portugal. We met in 2004 and have been sharing life projects and travels ever since.

In 2013 we took a sabbatic break from work and decided to travel to Latin America with our motorbike. When we returned home, our lives had changed and we realised we wanted more of life than sitting in an office eight hours a day. That’s why we quit our jobs and decided to dedicate our lives to a new project, a project that was born from our trip to South America: diariesof is a magazine about travel, a magazine that intends to inspire people to travel and see the world.

We experienced so much in these 6 months in South America, we had so many stories and so many photos, that we wanted to share all this with everyone who is interested in travel. After a journey of 22,000 kilometres on a motorbike, facing so many difficulties, especially the harshness of the weather, we felt humbled.

But we also experienced something new when the wind blew in our faces. We felt a feeling of freedom which was priceless. We had to share this with the world. When we returned home from this epic trip of six months, we were encouraged by friends to put together a magazine with photos and stories about what we experienced during that time.

We never tire of telling all the stories we have experienced, like that time when we got a lift in a hearse.

We will never forget the people we met along the way, nor their generosity. And we never get tired of telling all the stories that happened to us with people all over the world : like the time when we were sleeping in an airport and a complete stranger woke us to offer us breakfast, the time the chain of the motorbike let us down and we were rescued by someone in a pick-up or the time we got a lift in a hearse and so many more.

Even though the trip to South America continued to other South American countries after Argentina, we decided that the following issues of the magazine should be dedicated to other countries because diariesof is not limited to South America. If you would like to know more about the adventure we are presently having, read Where are we Now.

We are now more often on the road than at home. We prefer to travel with our motorbike, and with a tent. This way we are closer to the locals, to their everyday lives, and to their traditions.

We see our magazines as a heartfelt thank you to all the people we meet along the way and as an inspiration for people to travel the world and discover the beauty of it.

We invite you to join us on our journey and we wish you happy reading and unique travels. Let the next travel begin…
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