We Love Lisbon ❤

We Love Lisbon! And as many other travellers, we ended up spending more time in Lisbon than originally planned. I Love Lisbon came often to our lips as this very enchanting city grabbed us… it is not so easy to leave Lisbon. Walking around the city of the seven hills and enjoying the atmosphere, the history and the artistic vibe as well as all the astonishing viewpoints is definitely a well spent day. The Santa Luzia viewpoint, for example, just next to the Portas do Sol presents the visitor with spectacular views over Alfama and sweeping lookouts over its houses, churches, and the Tagus River. Lisbon has it all, Sardines, Fado and even Football. And driving the motorcycle on this historic paved stone roads of the old parts of Lisbon and sharing the road with the famous ‘electrico 28’ (tram) was a great pleasure.

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