Discover the beauty of Kyrgyzstan (video)


In this video, we have put together some of the best experiences we had while riding our motorcycle around Kyrgyzstan!

In issue number #9 of diariesof magazine, we will take you on a unique (time-travel) adventure to Kyrgyzstan. The issue explores the unique nomadic traditions and games that happen in summer festivals. Come with us to meet the main actors in the surprising world of Kok-Boru, horseback archery and falconry. Join us on an expedition to Lenin Peak, one of the Kyrgyz mountains that reaches the 7,000 metres of altitude. diariesof Kyrgyzstan went in search of the typical food and found that mare’s milk is still a preference amongst locals. We spent time in yurts and rode on horseback until our buttocks hurt.

And we invite you to live all this and much more with our magazine about Kyrgyzstan. Enjoy it!

You’ve got to love Kyrgyzstan and the Kyrgyz people! 🙂


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