Discover the Enchanting Panoramas: 13 Best Viewpoints in Luxembourg City


Luxembourg City, nestled in the heart of Europe, is a captivating blend of history, stunning architecture, and breathtaking landscapes. As you wander through the city’s charming streets, make sure to seek out its finest viewpoints, each offering a unique perspective on this captivating destination. From the iconic Chemin de la Corniche, which unveils the picturesque Ville Basse, to the grandeur of Adolphe Bridge, Luxembourg City promises a visual feast for every photographer and instagrammer. Mixing history and modernity, we have compiled a collection of thirteen outstanding outlooks that showcase the best viewpoints in Luxembourg City.

1. The Chemin de la Corniche

Chemin de la Corniche

There’s no other way to put it. The Chemin de la Corniche is Europe’s most beautiful balcony, and offers extraordinary vistas over the charming Ville Basse (the lower town also known as Grund). As you stroll along this promenade, admire the magnificent views of the Alzette River, the enchanting Grund neighbourhood, and the delightful blend of historic and modern buildings. This promenade stretches for 600 metres, from the Rue du St Esprit until the Bock Casemates.

View from the Chemin de la Corniche

View: Alzette River, the Grund neighbourhood, Ville Haute, Kirchberg Plateau, Bock Promontory and Casemates, Pulvermühle Viaduct, Stierchen Bridge, terraced gardens

2. The Three Towers

View of the Three Towers Monument

The Three Towers is a historic monument comprised of three distinct towers. The central square tower, believed to have been constructed in the 13th century, is the oldest among them. The two exterior round towers were added during the 14th century, further enhancing the architectural ensemble. These towers were once integral components of a comprehensive fortification system, which included walls, gates, and various other defensive structures, showcasing the city’s rich defensive history. This is also a great viewpoint from where to have a good glimpse into the Kirchberg Plateau.

View from the Three Towers monument

Views: Kirchberg Plateau, part of the Dräi Eechelen Park, Pulvermühle Viaduct, Pfaffenthal

3. The Grand-Duchess Charlotte Bridge (Red Bridge)

Part of the Red Bridge or Roud Bréck in Luxembourgish

Also known as the Red Bridge (and you guessed well, because it is painted red), it was renovated in 2018 and now includes a two-lane tramway besides the already existing pedestrian footpath and four traffic lanes. It connects the centre of the city to the Kirchberg Plateau and is another place with incredible views over the Pfaffenthal.

View taken fron red Bridge
View from the Red Bridge

Views: Pfaffenthal neighbourhood, Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator, Ville Haute, Vauban Towers

4. The Lafayette Galleries

The public terrace on the 6th floor of the Lafayette galleries

The famous French department-store opened a branch in Luxembourg in 2019. The upmarket Galeries Lafayette are located in the Royal-Hamilius urban planning project which was designed and built by another famous, the English architect Norman Foster. The rooftop on the 6th floor has a public terrace just next to the SixSeven restaurant. Entry is free and allows 360 panoramic views over Luxembourg city and surroundings.

View from the public terrace of the Lafayette galleries

Views: Luxembourg City, surrounding neighbourhoods (in this photo, the Kirchberg district)

5. The Adolphe Bridge

The beautiful Adolphe Bridge at sunset

The beautiful Adolphe Bridge was inaugurated in 1903, during the rule of Grand-Duke Adolphe (the great-grandfather of Grand-Duke Jean, which was himself the father of the ruling Grand Duke Henri – did you follow the family tree?). Despite it being a centenarian bridge it is still known as the – Néi Bréck – New Bridge (as opposed to the Old Bridge, the Passerelle Viaduct). At the time of its construction, the bridge had the largest stone arch in the world. Today, the bridge is a double decker, complying two lanes for traffic, two lanes for tram and two pedestrian lanes on the upper lane; and the lower deck (added in 2018) has a bicycle path shared with pedestrians. Spanning the Pétrusse Valley, this elegant stone bridge offers captivating views in all directions.

One of the views from the Adolphe Bridge is the Gëlle Fra

Views: Pétrusse Valley, Gëlle Fra, Notre-Dame Cathedral

6. The Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator

The Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator

Seamlessly combining modern engineering with breathtaking views, the Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator, located in Luxembourg City, offers a captivating experience for those that do not suffer form vertigo. This innovative elevator is suspended from a striking steel structure, and its glass walls and floor reveal the stunning landscapes of the Alzette River, the Pfaffenthal district, and the red Grand-Duchess Charlotte Bridge. You can take the elevator – which is free of charge – anytime between 5.45 am until 1 at night. Besides the views, the Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator also serves as a public transport between the Ville Haute (next to the Pescatore Foundation) and the Pfaffenthal and its new train station.

View from inside the Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator

Views: Alzette River, the red Grand-Duchess Charlotte Bridge and the Pfaffenthal neighbourhood

7. The Dräi Eechelen Park

The Dräi Eechelen Park

The Dräi Eechelen Park is well-known for being the home to the Mudam (Museum of Modern Art) and to the Fort Thüngen (which houses the Musée Dräi Eechelen), located in the Kirchberg quarter. In the southern part of the Park, another fort, the Obergrünewald Fort offers some amazing views over the Ville Haute and the Pfaffenthal.

Amazing view from the Obergrünewald Fort

Views: Luxembourg City (Ville Haute), the Three Towers, Pfaffenthal, Pont du Château

8. De Gudde Wellen Café or Fontaine aux Colombes

Night caption of the Gudde Wëllen terrace

De Gudde Wëllen terrace and the Fontaine aux Colombes (the Dove Fountain) are excellent stops at the Chemin de la Corniche, for incredible outlooks. De Gudde Wëllen terrace drops into the valley, offering superb views of the Grund.

View from the Gudde Wëllen terrace at night

Views: Grund, Chemin de la Corniche, Luxembourg City, Bridge on Rue Münster, Bock Casemates and Promontory

9. The Passerelle Viaduct

View of the arched Passerelle

The Passerelle, or the Old Bridge, is a viaduct located in the southern part of Luxembourg City. It stretches for a length of 290 metres, it comprises 24 arches and stands 45 meters above the valley floor. It serves as a link between the southern area and the city centre, known as Ville Haute. The viaduct spans across the Pétrusse Valley, connecting Avenue de la Gare to Boulevard Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

View from the Passerelle

Views: Ville Haute, Pétrusse River, Skatepark Pétrusse

10. The Bock Promontory & Casemates

The Bock Promontory

The Bock is not only a promontory with gorgeous views over the two districts: the Grund (on its southern side) and the Pfaffenthal (on its northern side). It is also a rock with historical importance. It was on this huge rock that Count Siegfried built the Castle of Lucilinburhuc in the 10th century, providing a basis for the town that later became Luxembourg.

A spectacular view from the Bock with the Grund below

Views: Grund, Neumünster Abbey, Alzette River

The view from the northern side of the Bock

Views: Kirchberg Plateau, Pulvermühle Viaduct, Pfaffenthal district

11. The Rosegaard op de Rondellen

View of the quiet Rosegaard op de Rondellen

The Rosegaard op de Rondellen is probably the viewpoint that offers one of the best outlooks of Luxembourg city. Located near the Citadelle du Saint-Esprit, its view spans to comprise both the low and the high towns.

View from the Rosegaard op de Rondellen

View: Alzette River, Grund neighbourhood, Chemin de la Corniche, Ville Haute, Bridge on Rue Münster, Bock Casemates and Promontory, Kirchberg Plateau, Pont du Château and the Saint-Jean Church inside the Neumünster Abbey

12. Monument National de la Solidarité Luxembourgeoise

View of the Eternal Flame and monument

This is the monument that pays homage to the victims of the Second World War and remembers the role of Luxembourg and its brave resistance when occupied by Nazi Germany. It’s one of the hidden outlooks of Luxembourg city, but it is one of our favourites, not only because its location, on the Canon Hill, offers lovely views over the historic bank building of the Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat, but also because it is a very quiet place.

View of the historic bank building of the Spuerkeess

Views: The historic bank building of the Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat

13. Rooftop at Sofitel Luxembourg le Grand Ducal

View of and from the bar on the 8th floor

This is a private outlook, and to have access to it, you do need to have a drink or a meal at the bar or restaurant. However, it’s an incredible place to relax with a beverage after a day of wandering the city. Its location on the 8th floor of the Sofitel, near the train station, offers superb views over the Ville Haute, and must-follow tip is to plan your visit around sunset, as the vista becomes even more spectacular at that magical hour.

Luxembourg City, with its captivating landscapes and rich history, offers a plethora of enchanting viewpoints to discover. From the elevated Chemin de la Corniche to the magnificent Three Towers and the grandeur of Adolphe Bridge, each perspective immerses you in the city’s unique beauty. So, whether you’re seeking the charm of the Old Town or the allure of the modern cityscape, be sure to explore these incredible viewpoints and let the captivating panoramas of Luxembourg City leave an indelible impression on your soul.


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