How To Get An Uzbek Visa
(As of June 2018)

How to get an Uzbek visa


A few days after we got our visa as explained below, the Uzbek authorities simplified the procedure to get a visa and now e-visa is fully operational. We have no experience ourselves with the new procedure, so all we can do is give you the link to the official website to get a 30 days e-visa. Good luck everyone!!


JULY 2018

This article is about our latest experience to obtain the Uzbek visa. Check out how to get an Uzbek visa in a straightforward way.

The last months have seen a general tendency for visas of the Middle East and Central Asia to get easier to obtain. The visa for Uzbekistan follows that tendency. There is an Uzbek website (www. whose name can be misleading because, right now, it is not yet possible to get an e-visa for Uzbekistan (at least not for European and US citizens).

However, this website is official and is useful in the sense that you can already fill in the requested information of the e-form found on this website, and print it to use at the Uzbek embassy where you wish to have your visa requested.

Required Documents when Requesting an Uzbek Visa:

  • 1 photo
  • valid passport
  • 1 copy of the passport
  • filled in formulary (found on the abovementioned website)

We went with all the above documents to the Uzbek Embassy in Baku (Azerbaijan) and in less than 15 minutes were received by a very friendly official, who gave us instructions to pay for our visa at a local bank (55 dollars for each of us) and to return with the proof of payment in 3 working days.  When we returned, three days later, we were less lucky because there was a queue of people, and we had to wait around four hours for our turn.

Since February 2018 many countries do NOT require any longer an invitation letter for the Visa procedure (most European countries, including Luxembourg and Portugal, as well as the USA).


During your stay in Uzbekistan, remember that it is necessary to register your accommodation address with the local authorities every three days. Hotels will do that for you. It is therefore not advisable to wild camp for more than three consecutive days, or else you will not be registered.



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