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During our journey to South America we started listing all the lessons we learnt along the way. These lessons were learnt the most difficult way (through experience!) and we thought they could be useful to other travellers and to ourselves, to make sure we will not commit the same mistakes in the future. The learnt lessons include the following, listed in no particular order:

  • If your sleeping bag says “comfort: 11 degrees”, do not test it at 0 degrees, you will regret it;
  • When climbing a volcano, remember to bring toilet paper, it can come in handy;
  • Pack enough duct tape, you will not believe the multiple uses this material allows;
  • Always wash the dishes and pots available in camping sites, doing it will spare you some extra visits to the WC;
  • If you find the perfect spot in a camping site that is otherwise crowded and sold out, that spot is probably not that perfect;
  • Check the luggage supporters in the motorbike. If they are made of plastic, change them. The question is not if they will break, the question is when they will break, and you do not want to find out the answer to it in the middle of nothing;
  • If you rest under a tree, there are great chances that a ripe fruit will fall over your head;
  • In the desert, it is not enough to protect the skin with sun protector, the lips will also suffer if not protected;

We thought that having a section dedicated to these and other lessons could be helpful. We decided to call these Travel Tips & Tricks and we hope to receive other tips & tricks from you so that we can feature them here!

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