Hurrah, hooray, yay! It’s time for the Schueberfouer!


Hurrah, hooray, yay! It’s time for the Schueberfouer!

It’s that time of the year when the caravans come to town. Exciting!

What we like the most about the Schueberfouer is the free time machine ticket that the fair offers to the visitor.


During the Schueberfouer one is back to the past immediately when one spots the loyal Ferris Wheel, which every year invites everyone from a distance. The carousel never fails to take you back to your childhood, especially if you grab a cotton candy before you board on it. And so will the Powerman, the crook bicycle and the hundreds of wooden games. A pity the Crazy Cinematographe had such a short and ephemeral appearance at the fair. The selection of mute films, characterised by grotesque and bizarre stories, some also erotic, added spice and eccentricity to the evenings at the fair.

For 20 days fortune telling in Luxembourg will have absolutely nothing to do with asset management!

Fortune tellers and gypsies will lead you to their vardos to read the future hidden in the palm of your hand. They will tell you about your love life whilst guessing how much you carry in your pocket… For 20 days fortune telling in Luxembourg will have absolutely nothing to do with asset management! Isn’t this thrilling?!


And then there is the future and things called Wilde Maus XXL, Avenger, Power Tower 2, Happy Sailor, Rotor. These are the modern games and are the joy of many youngsters and adults alike…

John the Blind (who?) may have been forgotten, but not his spirit. This Count of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia, would be proud of the variety of drinks, if not the prices, one finds at the fair! And if the smell of fried fries that fills the air does not dampen your appetite, there is an important amount of food to fill the stomach. That and sausages…

If you would like to know more about this year’s attractions and dates of the Schueberfouer, please check the official websites at Schueberfouer and Funfair.

The Schueberfouer is just one more reason for you to plan an escapade to beautiful Luxembourg!


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