Japanese Onsen – natural hot springs (video)

Japanese Onsens – natural hot springs (video)

Japan is known for its strong geological activity because of its location along the Ring of Fire, an area of high volcanic activity. For that reason, there are more than 28,000 hot springs in Japan and the Japanese find a special allure in open-air hot springs. There are several ways of experiencing Onsen (hot springs), but visiting an Onsen village is probably the best one. Here you can enjoy foot baths, or indulge full body and soul in the pleasures of hot spas, enjoying a relaxing moment amidst nature. For a more intimate experience, you can treat yourself to a private Onsen, followed by a unique stay in a ryokan (tradition lodging) for the perfect Japanese experience. The fun part is that you will stroll around the onsen village just like a local, wearing a yukata and enjoying it very much!

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