Shall he go or shall he stay now?


Alone on the station platform, he is waiting for something to happen – or is he just killing time ? The station, wrapped in concrete, surrounds him and reassures him. It’s a point of departure and a point of arrival, a path that is looking for its own way, you know that what really matters is the journey. At the edge of a quickly growing neighborhood, will the future look like these rails, forever fleeing away ? And what can one say about the compulsory, ever-repeating ritual of some passengers who always ride in the same car, always sit at the same place, a seat facing the movement, so that they can clearly observe the landscapes coming towards them?

Alone along the platform, perhaps the guy has not yet bought his ticket. Night is falling gently. Which destination for which kind of journey ? Who cares about the engine when the heart is strong? What’s the use of questioning oneself while the clock never stops ticking?

But no, not everything is lost, how can he be sure about what awaits him at the next stop? Do not worry, he tells himself, take a deep breath, the universe is beyond your understanding, the sky above you is beyond your understanding, the land beneath you is beyond your understanding, the pulsation in your own body is beyond your understanding. You will have to understand that the secret lies in letting all these things overcome you and not worrying about it…

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