75 Wishes on Our Travel Wish List
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Yes, we have been to all 7 continents, but instead of feeling that the world is getting smaller, we feel that the world, together with our travel wish list, is only getting bigger…

54 – Take a long train journey in Tanzania ✔


We had so much fun and experienced so much in the two train journeys we did in Tanzania, that we decided to have one entire article about it… If you are not the patient kind of person, this journey is likely not for you…

53 – Go on a safari to Serengeti and Ngorongoro (Tanzania) ✔


Words from our guide: “The danger about lions is that when they are near your tent you don’t hear them.” Tanzania is one of the countries of the world with the biggest population of lions. We saw lions everyday while on safari. Each day was special, each day a new surprise!

52 – Sail on a sailing boat, island hopping, along the Adriatic coast (Croatia) ✔


After many years of wait, we finally got the opportunity to go on a sailing trip. We enjoyed every minute of the Adriatic coast, island hopping, off the coast of Croatia. Even though we were in August, we had to run away from some storms, such as this one, which offered us dramatic skies for our photos. What more could we have wished for?

51 – Climb a Volcano (Pico volcano, 2,351 metres, active but dormant volcano) ✔

Nobody said it would be easy (and it wasn’t); many said it would be beautiful (and it was); fewer said it would be this unique and special. We are very happy we did not give up on the ascent of the Pico volcano despite the bad weather of the previous days. All one has to do is be patient for the weather to change and book a place (ascensions with overnight stay in one’s own tents are limited).

50 – Swim with a Dolphin ✔

Ok, maybe it is a bit too romantic to say we swam with the dolphins, but the experience was very similar to that. We were driven into high sea, and then, as soon as we spotted the dolphins, and our very competent skipper managed to put the zodiac on the trajectory of the dolphins, we jumped over board. What happens next is that you get to see the dolphins swimming very close to you and the boat. Crazy!

49 – Hike around the Caldera of Corvo Island, Azores ✔

What to visit in Corvo Island Azores

The caldera of Corvo Island is one of the most impressive in the Azores islands. Unfortunately, many people neglect it, since Corvo is not the easiest island to reach within the archipelago. This really is a shame, and we can only recommend a visit with overnight stay in the island. This will give you enough time to see the caldera, preferably by walking all the way until the top of it, and then walk the circular hike inside it. If you stay overnight, you will still have time to be with the locals in the small hamlet of Vila do Corvo.

48 – Witness Life Happening along the Mekong River ✔

View over Luang Prabang
View over Luang Prabang

There is something very peaceful about the Mekong river. Despite all the life happening at the Mekong, the Mekong is also a quiet refuge, depending on the hours and places. In Luang Prabang, the early hours were always peaceful, and we enjoyed the river better then.

47 – Experience the Unique Almsgiving Ceremony in Luang Prabang ✔


The most popular Buddhist ceremony in Luang Prabang – and one that attracts many curious onlookers to the streets of the city, every morning – is the almsgiving, or Sai Bat. Hundreds of barefoot monks, dressed in their usual orange robes, make a silent procession along the streets, especially around Sakkaline Street, collecting alms from worshippers. During the ritual, the monks open their alms bowls so that sitting devotees can fill them with their offerings, especially sticky rice, which will be the monks’ main meal of the day. It is a fascinating ceremony that is not about charity but also about giving laypeople a chance to gain merit.

46 – Bathe in a Japanese Onsen ✔

There are many etiquettes to know and to remember to follow when going to a Japanese Onsen, in order to make sure not to make any faux pas, but this aside, the Onsen are really special places, very often amidst nature or in private places with a focus on nature. We can only recommend them.

45 – Enjoy the Exquisite Pleasures of Japanese Ryokans ✔

WEB_AN3A5530 1

A tour of Japan is not complete if you don’t try a ryokan, at least once. Ryokans are traditional hotels, that have raised the art of welcoming guests to another level.

44 – Indulge in the Pleasures of a Jjimjilbang (Sauna) in South Korea ✔


We found out that it is possible to spend the night in saunas in South Korea. Just pay a ticket to the sauna and afterwards, head to the resting room where you can sleep as long as you like, including the entire night. Besides a towel, you are also given pyjamas and a blanket.

43 – Join Lisbon to Vladivostok on a Motorbike ✔


We have just completed this adventure! We made it to Vladivostok! This is the end of the road! From Portugal 🇵🇹 to Russia 🇷🇺, with over 30,000 kilometres, we crossed the Eurasian continent! We come back home now!!! But don’t put the champagne in the fridge yet, we can’t drive in a straight line, there will certainly be some detours!

42 – Travel by Train with the Trans-Siberian Railway ✔

The Trans-Siberian train

We have had a taste of the Trans-Siberian when travelling with it from Ulan-Ude to Khabarovsk, a distance of almost 4,000 kilometres. We spent three lovely days on the train, reading and meeting other travellers. We are aware that this is only a taste of it, and that there is more to discover whith the Trans-Siberian, specially all the exciting Siberian cities along the line…

41 – Discover the Greatest Statue of the World in Mongolia ✔

reasons to visit mongolia

The giant statue of Mongolia’s hero Ghengis Khan is located 55 kilometres west of Ulaan Baatar. It is possible to go inside the statue up until the head of the horse, where you come outside for better views of the Emperor’s face. This is considered the tallest equestrian statue in the world.

40 – Ride on Mongolia’s Infamous Dirt Roads ✔

reasons to visit mongolia

The roads really are not good on specific spots, but the landscapes are worth all the efforts. The good news is that although there are many tracks, you can pick whichever you want, they all lead to the same place. It is only that some are bad and others are worse.

39 – Go Back to the Future in Astana, Kazakhstan ✔

Nur Sultan city

Many say that Astana (which has recently changed its name to Nur-Sultan) is so modern that it doesn’t have a soul. We couldn’t disagree more with this feeling. We stayed in Nur-Sultan a couple of days and liked the city very much. There are so many buildings with so many amazing architectural features. We can only recommend!

38 – Ride an Old-timer in the Malécon of Havana ✔


It can be a very touristy thing to do, but it is a must and we did not regret having done it. Driving in an old timer along the Malecon of Havana is like embarking on a time trip to the past, to the early fifties, when Cuba was packed with American cars. Find out more about this and other experiences in diariesof Cuba.

37 – Sleep in a Yurt in Kyrgyzstan ✔


You will be able to find out more about this amazing experience and many others in our diariesof Kyrgyzstan. Don’t miss this magazine, which is filled with beautiful places to visit and amazing experiences.

36 – Follow the Silk Road in Central Asia’s Well-Preserved Bazaars ✔


Khiva, Uzbekistan, the real Silk Road feel… bazaars, choyhonas, and villages that live (or have lived) for commerce. Bustling with tourists now, with slaves in the past, the array of mosques, madrassas and bazaars give an idea of the importance the city once held.

35 – Experience Iran and Iranian Hospitality ✔


Impossible to decide what is the prettiest of the three Pearls of the Orient (Yazd, Esfahan or Shiraz), impossible to decide which of its powerful canyons or green valleys or impressive deserts are the most beautiful. One needs to experience them all to have a good idea about Iran. Read more in diariesof Iran.

34 – Hike Some of the Most Amazing Trails on the Great Caucasus Mountains ✔


We finally made it to the Caucasus, on the Georgian side. Besides the trails for hikers, there are excellent roads and off-roads that will make any biker happy. The landscape is just breath-taking. Read more in diariesof Georgia.

33 – Walk the Fishermen’s Trail at Costa Vicentina ✔


We made it! We walked the Fishermen’s Trail in the Costa Vicentina. A trail of around 80 kilometres, mainly following along the coast, through the dunes, which surprised us because of the abundance and diversity of its vegetation…

Read more about this adventure in our diariesof Portugal.

32 – Do Some Serious Island Hopping in Cape Verde ✔

Cape verde islands

Yes, we had the opportunity to live in Cape Verde for two months and to visit almost all of its islands. We haven’t had the chance to visit São Nicolau and Maio yet, so we surely hope to be back. Read more in diariesof Cape Verde.

31 – Get the Blues at Chefchaouen 


The beautiful blue village of Morocco is astonishing! But as far as colours are concerned, in Moroccan villages, we always got the feeling we were experiencing the most beautiful village ever. Sometimes in tones of white, other times in pink and very often in ochre. Morocco is the country of the colourful villages.

30 – Live with the Indigenous in Brazil ✔


Living with the Krahó tribe in the Amazon area of Tocantins in Brazil and taking part in the mourning ceremonies which include the Tora race.

29 – Visit the Easter Island (Wonder of the world) ✔


We were in Chile and the prices of flight tickets for the Easter Island were affordable, so we just couldn’t miss this opportunity. The place is tiny, but most of all, it is magic. There’s something strange about the statues, yes, but but nothing compares, in terms of peculiarity, with the fact that this is one of the most remote places on Earth…

28 – Discover the Citadel of Machu Picchu (Wonder of the World) ✔

machu picchu

Of course, we wished there were very few people visiting the site, but that is not the case. Every person that visits Peru wants to experience Machu Picchu. But, it is possible to avoid the crowds! We went very early in the morning and were disappointed with the number of people there, it was just too much. But we stayed there all day! Yes, we did, and later in the afternoon, there was no one anymore, and we had Machu Picchu practically for us!

27 – Taste and Smell a Salt Desert ✔


The photos of the white salt deserts were beautiful, but smelling and tasting the salt desert is an experience that adds a lot to the first visual effect.

26 – Have a Shower at the Iguaçu Falls (Wonder of the World) ✔


It is a unique shower and the day was so hot that it was very refreshing to go close to the waterfalls and be splashed by water! It is refreshing on both sides (Brasilian and Argentinian) and it is impossible to decide which one is the prettiest. Go and see both! See more in diariesof Argentina.

25 – Drive the Ruta 40 on a Motorbike ✔


Done! This epic road and all the adventures this road offered us in the issue about Argentina.

24 – Learn How to Dance the Tango in Argentina ✔


After a week of classes with different teachers, we finally dared to join a Milonga and danced for several hours amidst real Argentinian tango dancers… more in diariesof Argentina.

23 – Visit Antarctica ✔


We made this amazing trip to Antarctica when in Ushuaia, the end of the world. From here it was possible to book a cabin on an expedition ship to Antarctica with Quark Expeditions. Read more about this adventure in our diariesof Argentina.

22 – Descend the Carretera Austral on a Motorbike ✔


Even though the Ruta 40 gets all the credit as being the epic road in South America, the Carretera Austral is the one that has kept its adventurous character with most of its roads untarred and still in gravel. Read more in diariesof Chile.

21 – Trek in Torres del Paine ✔


Along the narrow paths, we met other trekkers coming from or going to the Torres and we were struck by the general look of happiness we saw in their faces. No one seemed to be having a bad day, no one was carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders (however heavy some of their backpacks looked). Read more in diariesof Chile.

20 – Drive around Iceland on a Motorbike ✔


It was cold, it was raining, it was windy and we had a great time in this amazing country with unearthly landscapes.

19 – See the Aurora Borealis (Wonder of the World) ✔


Besides the Aurora Borealis, a trip to Scandinavia in winter needs to include an experience with sledge dogs. They are irresistible and you will want to bring some of them home with you…

18 – Visit Stonehenge, UK (Wonder of the world) ✔


We didn’t visit during the summer solstice, but it was special nevertheless. We couldn’t help but notice the highway that passes so near by and think it is a pity that such a mystical place deserved a quieter place…

17 – Visit the Colosseum of Rome, Italy (Wonder of the world) ✔

LR-Rome Colosseum

This amazing wonder of architecture deserves to be in the wonders of the world. It is impressive not only because of its size but because of the art implied in all its construction.

16 – Visit Petra (Wonder of the world) ✔


And feel what Burckhardt must have felt like when in the nineteenth century he came across this lost city. Go early to avoid the tourist crowds and stay late for the sunset.

15 – Swim and Float in the Dead Sea ✔


It is actually true! You will not be able to swim or if you do, it will feel and look very clumsy but the floating is surprisingly easy and elegant. Even Jorge, who cannot float, managed to float whilst reading the Lonely Planet.

14 – Have a Cooking Course in Asia ✔


We had a cooking course in Cambodia and recommend the experience. Besides learning how to prepare delicious home-made curry, we also got to eat what we prepared and as an extra, the location was superb, in the open space.

13 – Go on a Safari in Africa  ✔


It is not always obvious who observes who. Sometimes we felt we were in a cage and were being observed by the curious wildlife around us. This was a very touching experience that no zoo will ever be able to offer you. Don’t hesitate in doing it.

12 – Meet the Pope at the Vatican City ✔


Well, we didn’t really meet the Pope, even though Jorge tried very hard to convince the guard of an alleged meeting… But still, we think you do not have to see the Pope in order to make a visit to the Vatican a unique experience.

11 – Hear the Muezzin Calling for Prayer in a Muslim Country ✔


The first time we heard the muezzin praying was in Morocco and it was very special, even when it was late (or early) in the night. Here in Bosnia, in the beautiful city of Mostar. The minarets are the beautiful towers in the mosques and from there, loudspeakers amplify the prayer of the muezzin which is then heard from the entire village.

10 – Enter the Hagia Sophia, Turkey (Wonder of the world) ✔

9 – Sleep in the Desert under the Stars ✔

WEB_wadi rum

In the desert of Wadi Rum, we were given the choice of sleeping in a nomadic tent or under the stars. The choice was not difficult. With such a beautiful sunset and sunrise and with mild temperatures everyone decided to sleep outside.

8 – Parachute out of a Plane ✔

WEB_jorge jumping

(photo@Hans van Marrewijk)

Jorge having fun when jumping out of a plane in Texel, The Netherlands.

7 – Wander in the Hindu Temples of Angkor (Wonder of the World) 

angkor wat

 Angkor Wat is special, and so are the numerous other temple complexes in Cambodia. There are just so many, that one can avoid crowded places and find one’s preferred quiet corner.

6 – Visit the Pyramids of Giza (Wonder of the world) 


It doesn’t matter how often you have seen the pyramids in photos or on TV, the first time you set your eyes on these mystifying buildings you are surprised not only by its grandeur but also by its splendour…

5 – Be Enlightened by the Glowworm Caves ✔

travel wish list


Yes, that’s exactly how it looks like. No special effects nor illusions needed. The Waitomo Glowworm Caves look magic because of the glow worms, which are the size of mosquitoes! This species only exists in New Zealand.

4 – Walk the Great Wall of China, China (Wonder of the world) ✔


It was a long time ago, but the experience of walking the Great Wall of China remains one of the highlights of our travels.

3 – Sail in the Halong Bay, Vietnam (Wonder of the world) ✔

2 – Buy an Around-the-World Air Ticket ✔



It is a long time ago that we had an around the world trip… Luxembourg, India, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, USA, Portugal, Luxembourg. We can’t wait to travel around the globe again…

1 – Ride in a Hot Air Balloon ✔


Riding in a hot air balloon is a unique experience. We did it very early in the morning and had spectacular views over Luxembourg. To be repeated.

On our Waiting List:

Take the Jacobite Steam Train in Scotland

Visit Sapa in Vietnam

Go to the Arctic and Meet the Polar Bears

Climb Mount Norquay, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Photograph the Taj Mahal, India (Wonder of the world)

See the Terracotta Army, China (Wonder of the world)

Shower at the Victoria Falls, border of Zambia and Zimbabwe (Wonder of the world)

Walk along the Banaue Rice Terraces, Philippines (Wonder of the world)

Visit Chichen Itza, Mexico (Wonder of the world)

Be Hosted in the Colourful Houses of Kulusuk, Greenland

Navigate the Moselle from Luxembourg to The Netherlands

Cruise to the North Cape

Be a Pilgrim in the Camino de Santiago

Experience the Natural World at the Okavango Delta

Navigate along the Yangtze River

Live with the Inuits in the Arctic

Cross the Sea on a Cargo Ship

Go on a Yoga Retreat in India

Visit the Grand Canyon

Meet the Iguanas in the Galapagos (Wonder of the World)

Travel around the USA on a Camper

Visit Namibia’s Sand Dunes

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Visit Hoi An in Vietnam

Discover Luxembourg by Bicycle

Pray in the Holy City of Lhasa


Our wish list keeps growing! If you have had an amazing experience which you think we shouldn’t miss, let us know, so that we check that out! 🙂

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  • That is an interesting list of “73”.

    There are several personal experiences that I could bore you to death with
    a particular one that stands out in my mind are the Forests of Canada.

    I have been lucky enough to see them from several viewpoints but the ‘shocker’ was the view from the top of Mt. Norquay, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.
    The beauty of the fir trees in the unending valleys that meander into the horizon just stopped me, dead in my tracks. I was without words and that, as Anabela knows, is a very rare thing.

    Great to hear of your travels – Keep ’em Up !


    • Hi Paul, thank you for your message and for sharing the wonderful experience. We have checked it and are going to add it to our list, it is absolutely gorgeous! By the way, do we require any special skills to climb it? or is it enough to be fit? Cheers!

  • Love your wonderful list and the photos.
    Come back and ride the road to Glenorchy in New Zealand or hike the Routeburn track or shoot the breeze with Team Kiwi in Queenstown! We are waiting for you.

    • Thank you Diane! We would love to ride with Team Kiwi, somewhere around the globe!!! Our motorbike is still in Laos, and we were hoping to reunite this year… The plan afterwards is to go south. Who knows, maybe we will reach New Zealand in the next couple of years 🙂 🙂 Thanks a lot for the invitation! 🙂 🙂 Take good care!

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