After the successful launch of diariesof – the first travel magazine in Luxembourg – which occurred six months ago and which was funded through crowdfunding, diariesof is now launching the second issue which is entirely about Argentina and comprises a special chapter about Antarctica.

This issue will take you on a motorbike tour to the End of the World and to the Land of Fire. If the Drake Passage doesn’t scare the hell out of you, join an expedition to Antarctica to meet the penguins and the scary leopard seals. You will dance tango in Buenos Aires and you will find out about a special rainbow in the Noroeste. You will also get to know how difficult it is to climb Aconcagua or to bike against Patagonia’s strong winds… And there is much more about this amazing country.

The magazine is a bi-annual publication which emphasises photography while collecting stories from travellers and interviews with locals. Each issue also divulges one humanitarian project to raise social awareness. diariesof Argentina is now available in bookshops and kiosks throughout Luxembourg. It can also be delivered home if purchased online here.

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