We are very pleased to announce the official launch of our autumn issue diariesof Morocco. This issue is now on sale on-line and at several bookshops throughout Luxembourg (Ernster, Libo, Alinéa, Diderich, Chapter 1, Little Britain).

The issue brings forward a country that is suitable to all kinds of travellers, seeking adventure, challenge or comfort, either travelling solo, in group or with children. diariesof will introduce you to hospitable people who genuinely welcome travellers to their country.

If you cannot see the video click this link.

Come join us on a wonderful trip to Morocco! We will take you to Marrakesh, the city of 1000 spices and 1000 smiles where you will get lost in the city’s delicious souks. We will ride camels to take you to a very special hotel, one that offers you one million stars in the Sahara desert. If camels are not your cup of tea, you can try to pedal through the desert or else be on board the Touareg of modern times. You will have tea with the Berbers, who will tell you about their everyday lives. Or else ride along the Atlantic coast by motorbike to experience life in the small fishing villages. Will we tempt you to conquer the Atlas Mountains with snow axes and crampons? If not then we will introduce you to some of the prettiest villages through their cats…

Separated from Europe by a mere 13 kilometres, this country opens the door to Africa, to a colourful and exotic culture filled with traditions and handcraft arts. Morocco will touch the traveller and will leave long lasting memories…

Curious about Morocco now? Get inspired by this beautiful country and the friendly Moroccans and order diariesof Morocco now and have it delivered home with free shipping.

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