Drave, the magical village


Drave is decidedly a magic and mystic village. Abandoned and uninhabited the village lies somewhere in the valley between the mount of Freita and mount S. Macário (Portugal).


It is only possible to reach the village on foot. It is around a 2 hours trek from the closest village (Regoufe) in the municipality of Arouca. A visit to this place is all about walking through unspoilt nature until you reach the beautiful shale village.


The landscape all around you is simply enchanting. Once there, be prepared to find only the deserted houses. The village does not have a pub nor a grocery shop, neither it has electricity or running water. Despite this, Drave is enchanting in its own, special charm.


The deserted houses along the stream are inviting to those who like to stay in isolated places. And, it is possible to wild camp there and there is a beautiful natural pool to swim. Those who have been to Peru may have the feeling that this landscape reminds them of the Andes with its small villages.


As for me, I love the solitude of the place and the opportunity to listen to the silence.

Photos: @ Rui Daniel da Silva

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