Kazakh hospitality – Kazakhstan (video)

Kazakh hospitality – Kazakhstan (video)

On our way from Almaty to Astana, recently renamed as Nur-Sultan, we crossed the vast Kazakh steppe. And amid this vastness, we had the privilege to experience the kindness and hospitality of the Kazakh people.

This friendly guy honked at us in the middle of this empty road and later, a few kilometres ahead, he waved at us to stop on the side of the road, just to give us a treat and welcome us to his country and … to take a selfie!

The treat he gave us was a bag full of baursak, a delicious fried dough that is very popular in Central Asia, also called borsok in Kyrgyzstan. After a lovely chat with him and his wife we continued our journey, and after several more kilometres we had a break where we enjoyed the gifted baursak as a revitalising snack.

Thank You Jalgas! It was delicious ♥︎

Ps: These are the kind of moments and experiences we cherish when travelling: meeting goodhearted and kind people along the way.

Read more about Kazakhstan here.

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