Nueve Reinas


Nueve Reinas - 2000 - Fabian Bielinsky

Country: Argentina

Actors: Ricardo Darin (at his best)

Plot (careful, spoilers): The story of two scammers who meet casually during a fraudulent scheme that one performs. They decide to work together in a big scam connected to some valuable stamps called the “Nueve Reinas”. After several incidents, they end up being successful with this scheme that renders them  a good amount of money. The following day they find out that the bank where they should get the check with the money from the stamps had crashed. They lose everything including their own money which they used to guarantee the scam. The end still reserves one more surprise…

Our Rating: *****

This movie is nowadays a classic of Argentinian cinema, having won several awards in Argentina and abroad. The film is cleverly constructed, with each scammer trying to be smarter than the other. It is a delightful comedy revisiting several stereotypes of a contemporaneous world.

Rating: * = poor // ***** = favourite

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