Packing light for South America

Well, packing light your motorbike for South America, and more specifically for a 6 month motorcycle trip, is not as complicated as it looks like at first glance. On the image below we give you an idea about how we organised our motorbike cases (2 side cases of 25 litres each, one top case of 31 litres, one tank bag and a speedbag). After a couple of months on the road, we realised that we were still travelling too heavily, so we sent some clothes home. 🙂 Yes, we have learnt that the lighter we travel, the more comfortable it gets!

Hover over the image to see the inside of the bags.

Here are the top 10 things we’ve learnt about packing light and travelling light

  1.    Spare weight by travelling with an ultralight tent.
  2.    After having packed your clothes, go through them again, you will still be able to halve the number of clothes, believe me!
  3.    No matter how light you travel, always keep an extra toilet paper roll. No compromises here!
  4.    If you travel with light sleeping bags, it is worth to take a thermal sleeping bag liner, it increases the temperature within the bag.
  5.    Swap travel guides and books at hostels, don’t carry all your reading from the first day.
  6.    Get yourself a LIGHT CAMERA!!! Yes, we’ve learnt that, now we just need to earn enough money to change all our gear! 🙁
  7.    Don’t load tons of food. Eat the local food, you will be helping the local economy and there are even chances of it being cheaper…
  8.    Have I mentioned toilet paper?
  9.    For us ‘appropriate shoes’ means: walking shoes and sandals (period).
  10.    Forget gadgets, think multifunctional objects.
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