Relatos Salvajes


Can you imagine filling a plane with all your enemies? If the odds were in your favour, would you poison a detestable person who ruined your family? What if the horrid driver whom you showed your middle finger stopped to help you change a flat tire? How do you feel about the people who write parking fines? Would you accuse an innocent man to save your child? What if you found out on your wedding day that your groom deceived you? Six black-humoured short stories where violence plays its role: in some stories, the violent scenes are less subtle and even widely exposed. But in general, this is not a violent film considering the circumstances… The film ends with the most positive of the stories, that is, at least nobody dies. Be prepared for a bombastic performance of Ricardo Darin and Oscar Martinez has in this film another excellent performance.

Title: Relatos Salvajes

Director: Damián Szifron

Release date: 2014

Country: Argentina

Actors: Ricardo Darin, Oscar Martinez

Our Rating: ****

Rating: * = poor // ***** = favourite

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