Full TravelGuide to Sydney!


There I was, for the 10th time standing in one of my favorite cities in the world, Sydney. Funny enough, I can’t wait to head back at the end of the year! Where shall I start? It being my second or third home, makes me want to share some great tips and hotspots with you 🙂 ! If you are in Sydney for just a few days I have the perfect plan for you! Have a look and let me know what you think!

  1. Head towards the Taronga Zoo opposite the city. This will give you the most amazing view you can get of the Sydney harbor skyline! Do pick a sunny day, because the zoo is not very fun when cloudy.
  2. Take the ferry towards Watsons Bay and follow the promenade towards the cliffs. After your walk, have lunch at Doyles, an amazing fish restaurant where you can get the best crab and lobster of Sydney! (TIP: you can also grab a take-away if you prefer picnic style 😉 )
  3. If you’re back in the city, spend a few hours in the Botanical Gardens of Sydney. These gardens are so so beautiful, I can spent hours in them! You have some rainforest walks throughout the bushes and you have a great view over the Opera House! There is a very nice café in the middle of the Gardens, where they serve DELICIOUS iced coffees!
  4. Spend a day in Pyrmont, a neighborhood right behind Darling Harbor. The neighborhood is filled with delicious French, Portuguese, Japanese and Italian restaurants, and has the biggest casino namely the famous Star Casino (you can also go clubbing here).
  5. Spend an afternoon on the beach! Head towards Bondi or Manly for the bigger beaches, but head towards Coogee or Clovelly beach for a more intimate atmosphere.
  6. Rent a car and drive down to Brooklyn, it’s a town located about 50 minutes from Sydney. In Brooklyn, you can take a postal boat on the Hawkesbury river which will take you around the river delivering mail to people who only have acces to their homes by boat. This is a fantastic quiet and peaceful location! Afterwards you can grab lunch at the marina, where they will have a few restaurants!
  7. Spend some time in the Queen Victoria Building, a beautiful old warehouse full of nice shops, restaurants and coffee shops!
  8. Hyde Park is a beautiful park situated right next to the CBD. If you like to play chess, you can do it here! There is a huge chess board in the middle of the park!
  9. Centennial Park is great if you wish to go for a run or if you like to do some horse riding!img_2583_web


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Full TravelGuide to Sydney!

There I was, for the 10th time standing in one of my...
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