Homage to Our Ultralight Tent


For all the nights that you, dear ultralight tent, have sheltered us, we raise our glasses! For the 100% rate of dry nights despite the rain and 100% rate of nights you stayed upright despite the heavy winds. We were sorry for all the neighbours who had to abandon camp or improvise somehow. We hope they understand now that not all tents stand up to their names!!  🙂

To the nights when you were not gone with the wind…

Do you remember that night in Morocco, when we set you up, dear ultralight tent, under an enormous eucalyptus because we thought it would look lovely in the photos and were counting on it for a fresh morning shade? And do you remember how we abandoned you during the night, when strong winds started knocking down several branches of the trees around us and we were too afraid of being crashed by one of them. We spent the night in the toilettes… Forgive us for the abandonment but, believe us, we would have preferred to spend the night with you!


Do you remember that second night when we moved you from under the eucalyptus to a lovely flat terrain where no tree would ever fall on us, and on that night a storm of rain almost drowned us and under the pouring rain we had to construct a ditch around you to avoid being flooded? Forgive us for the lack of vision!


Do you, dear ultralight tent, remember that other night in Ushuaia when temperatures were below zero and we decided it was still not so cold we couldn’t camp with our summer sleeping bags? We had to wear all our clothes including the motorbike jackets not to freeze. Thank you for your shelter.

Remember all the hikes we had while carrying you on our backs. We were exultant about your compact size and lightweight while you were excited to be taken to places like Patagonia, the Atlas, Brava, Fogo…

And those days when rain or work were just excuses to stay with you all day…


And how we abused of your good will and folded you without waiting for the morning dew to dry out; and the quantity of times that we opened and closed your zips without end; and how you love being cleaned after usage.

‘We appreciate your no-drama-queen-character’

Remember all the pee you have endured from all animals, wild or domestic, who decided to mark you as their territory? You have suffered in silence and we appreciate your no drama queen character.

homage to our tent

And that time when we left you home, dear ultra light tent, and camped in the Serengeti with a stranger tent. We are almost convinced that you were home wishing that those hyenas that surrounded our camp would not let us sleep all night.

And do you remember that night when you tried to warn us not to camp between two tents, when there was no space left in the camping of Peninsula de Valdez? We didn’t listen to you and at 4 am were awoken by festive neighbours who sang Amor Pirata till the early morning.

For all these moments and adventures we thank you and promise you not to replace you for not just any other upgrade…

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