Fantastic trip through Georgia

We drove thousands of kilometres on a fantastic trip through Georgia, which started along the Black Sea coast through the heart of the Caucasus until Tbilisi. We got a taste of Georgian ancestral cuisine and winemaking traditions while driving through the most iconic regions of the country: the Greater Caucasus, where we experienced some otherworldly hikes through Svaneti. It was here that we met Thomas who inspired us with his cycling tour in the mountains. Exciting places like the lost villages of Mestia, Ushguli and Lentekhi reached by road on the partially-existing roads that connect them and end in the semi-desert non-existent road that should lead to David Gareja. What can we say about these ‘ghost roads’? They are a pleasure for bikers! And everywhere in Georgia, one cannot (and should not!) avoid being part of a supra ceremony, not only to taste the food and the wine but, especially to experience genuine Georgian hospitality.

You got to love Georgia. 🙂

Watch the video of our trip through Georgia here.

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This video was shot with the Drone DJI Spark

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