Getting around in Cuba (video)

Getting around in Cuba (video)

Public transport in Cuba is an experience in itself and getting around in Cuba can be an adventure. There is no lack of choice as far as the means of transport are concerned. In this video, we’ll show you the best ways to getting around in Cuba and the best way to get to meet the locals!

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Getting around in Cuba

There are not so many private cars in Cuba. So, Cubans rely on public transport to get around. American old-timers, for example, can be seen everywhere, and they are an integral part of public transportation. People call them affectionately almendrones.

But transports come in many shapes and colours, like the eco-friendly bici-taxi, the traditional horse carts, the trucks (also known as camiones), the buses which are called guagua or the shared taxis that Cubans call colectivos. They all have advantages and peculiarities. Some only depart when they are full, while others have specific routes. You are never sure when they run or when they arrive. Certain is that they are always cracking full.

Public transports are paid in Pesos. These different ways of transportation are an experience in itself in which you get to know the locals. When you are waiting for a transport don’t forget to stay close to the amarillos. They make sure that cars or trucks don’t run half empty. And they will find you a ride, even if means  a loading truck.

For us, public transports were one of the highlights in Cuba. We loved the joyful conversations which made us forget the bumpy rides. 🙂


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