Quiz: How much do you know about Iran?

quiz about iran

You are interested in Iran and want to find out how much you know about it? You have heard of Iran and are curious to get some more info about it? Try this quiz about Iran. There are 11 questions for you to find out how much you really know about Iran. Good luck!

What is the capital of Iran?

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Tehran, with more than 8 million inhabitants, is the capital and most populous city in Iran and Western Asia. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and Baghdad is the capital of Iraq.

Iran's official currency is the Rial. Which other currency is used colloquially?

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In 1932 Iran's currency, the Toman, was replaced by the Rial, today's official currency, at a rate of 1 Toman to 10 Rials.

According to the 'taarof' what is expected of you when offered an invitation?

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The 'taarof' is a social behaviour that governs the rules of hospitality, amongst others. Declining invitations and offers a few times is part of a social game, that gives the inviting party the chance to withdraw their offer without embarrassments.

How many months are there according to the Iranian calendar?

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The official calendar used in Iran is the Solar Hijri, according to which Iran's present year is 1397 SH. The Solar Hijri calendar also has 12 months, of which the first 6 months have 31 days, the next 5 have 30 and the last one has got 29 days.

Which Iranian cities form the Golden triangle?

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The Golden Triangle comprises Shiraz, Yazd and Esfahan, the glorious cities that best show off the cultural heritage of the Persian Empire. They are also called the 'three pearls of the Middle East'.

What are the towers on the photo used for?

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Wind catchers or 'badgirs' are engineous towers that are still built in Iran to cool down the air by bringing cold air down and hot air up.

Doogh is a favourite drink which consists of...

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Doogh is a drink made of yogurt​ and water which is drunk on different occasions throughout​ the day, including​ with meals.

Iran shares border with which of the following countries?

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Iran shares the ​border with 7 countries: To the north, it shares the border with Armenia and Azerbaijan; to the northwest with Turkey. Iraq on the western border. On the northeast border there is Turkmenistan and on the eastern borders Pakistan and Afghanistan. On its southern coast there is the Persian Gulf.

Where is located the famous Naqsh-e Jahan Square?

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The famous Naqsh-e Jahan Square, the second biggest square in the world, is situated in Esfahan. One of the landmarks of the square is the beautiful Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. It is here that locals come for picnics and for wandering around.

Beryani, a kind of lamb burger with liver, is a traditional dish from...

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You don't need to go to any fancy restaurant to try this delicious dish. Small stalls near the main square of Esfahan sell delicious dishes of Beryani.

Qeshm, Hormuz and Kish are three of the main Iranian islands found in the...

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These are three absolutely amazing islands and it is on one of them, Qeshm, that Iran's sole Unesco natural site is located​. They are absolutely worth the detour.

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