The most curious house in the world
Casa do Penedo


Prime raw material, the stone is for many a cold and unwelcoming material in its natural form. Larger stones, commonly called “rocks”, while imposing in size, dominate many natural landscapes making up reliefs of uneven surfaces. I found such landscapes in northern Portugal between Fafe and Celorico de Basto, specifically in the village of Várzea Cova.


I was walking in this decor which recalls the origins of the world, a place where only the windmills remind us of the existence of humans. I was looking for a clue, a proof of the existence of this peculiar rock which I had heard about.


Looking as far as the horizon permitted, looking for a distinctive silhouette, I finally caught sight of a detail that made me get up a hill a few dozen metres away to see the proof of what I was looking for… There it was, as if observing the valley with all its majesty and uniqueness.


Alone, in the middle of nowhere, the Casa do Penedo or the Stone House, is perhaps the most curious house in the world. Built from three large boulders in 1974, this house is inspiring in its forms and originality. The stone house is often compared to a Flintstones house. I personally see it rather as a perfect tangle with nature and how respectful man can be towards the environment. This house represents a powerful symbol of the perfect marriage between the need for human comfort and the desire to preserve nature.


I invite you to discover this magical place through more of my photos here or through a visit to the place if you are in the area :).

Photos: @ Flavio da Costa

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The most curious house in the world
Casa do Penedo

Prime raw material, the stone is for many a cold and unwelcoming...
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