Street Food in Cuba (video)

Street Food in Cuba (video)

In this video, we bring you some of the tastiest Cuban street food! Yummy!

As the Peso restaurants were often packed with people and had long queues outside, we ate a lot of street food. And if you know how to choose, you can get some delicious stuff! As for an authentic Cuban food experience it doesn’t get better than Peso restaurants or the above mentioned street foods. These are your best and quickest bet. Our favourite street snack was Pan con Lechon – roasted pork sandwich or the famous Pan con Tortilla – bread with tortilla.

Although not really street food, Cuban fruits are a delight. They are your healthy and cheap option. You can buy the fruits at street vendors or at the Agropecuario markets. In the east of Cuba, in Baracoa, you’ll find Cucurocho, a sweet made of coconut and guava. We absolutely loved it! And as for drinks, the most popular street drink is the Granizado: shaved ice with flavoured syrup sold by the Granizaderos.

Come and find your favourite street food in Cuba or read more about Cuban food and much more with our magazine about Cuba. Enjoy it!

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