Violeta se fue a los cielos

This is a well-made biopic about Chilean greatest singer and folklore composer Violeta Parra. The film illustrates with emotion the turmoil that Violeta’s life must have been…


Relatos Salvajes

Can you imagine filling a plane with all your enemies? If the odds were in your favour, would you poison a detestable person who ruined your…


Nueve Reinas

Country: Argentina Actors: Ricardo Darin (at his best) Plot (careful, spoilers): The story of two scammers who meet casually during a fraudulent scheme that one performs….


Into the Wild

Plot (careful, spoilers): McCandless graduates from University and impulsively leaves everything behind, a promising career, his savings, his family. He seeks isolation in the…


La Historia Oficial

Country: Argentina Plot: The country has just been liberated from the military dictatorship (1976-83). This is the story of a woman who realises that her…


Qué tan Lejos

Country: Ecuador. Plot: Two women meet in the bus that connects Quito to Cuenca. There are barricades on the road due to a national…


diariesof in the printer

diariesof is in the printer and we were there checking it out. The technicians were calibrating the machines and they were very patient with…